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         Sonora, Mexico (Border Town) Newspapers
              Also: El imparcial of Hermosillo, sold on both sides of the border -
              For Agua Prieta, see El diario de Sonora, El mexicano, or El imparcial (Sp.)
              or the Douglas Dispatch (En. only) or Topix (Cananea) (En./Sp.)

                                             - Tribuna de San Luis (San Luís Río Colorado)                                             - Noticias (San Luís Río Colorado)
                                             - Topix (Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point)) (En.)
                                             (See it also for Ciudad Calles(Sonoyta))
                                             - De frente (Puerto Peñasco) (Internet only)
                                             - Peñasco hoy (Puerto Peñasco) (Internet only)
                                             - El diario del desierto (Caborca) (& Cd. Calles/Rocky Pt.)
                                             - El diario de Sonora (Nogales)
                                             - Nuevo día (Nogales)
                                             - El imparcial (Hermosillo)
                                             - El mexicano (Cananea) (Suns.)
                                             - Topix (Cananea) (En./Sp.)
                                             - Proyección (Cananea) (Sun. weekly magazine)


                                              Web Sites of Mexico (Border Town) Newspapers





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